Sunday, November 29, 2009

Now and then...

Now and then I wonder again..."Where are you?" I know this question may never have an answer, but honestly, sometimes I wonder if you can be here again.

Yes, is that selfish way of thinking things, but I trully miss you. I remember every single day those good moments we spent together and I realize they won't be back ever again, unless I keep on remembering them (which I do) but I wish they could be more real.

I don't regret the time we spent together or the time we didn't. I only remember with nostalgy, and I wonder if I can understand what is it? What is not being in this world anymore? Will I see you ever again? Will we have those nice chats, funny times again?

If I ever see you again, I guess I will run to hug you and cry... Cuz is that what I want to do right now.

And finally I return to the real world, I know I wont see you again, that you must be at a better place, that the only things left are my memories and perhaps some material things that remind me you were real. Life goes on, I must go on with it too, but it doesn't impede to stop, now and then, to remember and smile, and keep that smile from the past in the present and preserve it to the future.


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